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CamCom is a mobile APP providing a cognitive platform called camCommerce™ to bridge product selection through image recognition and online purchase using just your phone camera. camCommerce™ is born out of the simple philosophy that though we use our phone cameras for a zillion pictures and videos, it was yet to be monetized.

CamCom uses a simple Click and Buy model to provide consumers with unparalleled joy of spontaneous shopping. The CamCom mobile APP uses a mix of object recognition, AI, machine learning and analytics to make this unique emotional shopping experience a reality.

Brand Story

We are the pioneers in camCommerce™

We are the pioneers in leveraging the habit of taking pictures to conduct commerce. We provide you with not just shopping options, but a feeling of experiencing more, a feeling made richer by the simplicity that all good things bring to bear. Started by a group of like-minded individuals, we embrace the enterprising spirit of the new India. This guides how we live and work, helping us create memorable shopping experiences for customers. We always strive to create positive, memorable experiences by exceeding expectations both in purchase outcomes and in personal experiences. Our passion for continuously expanding our knowledge base enables us to take a fresh and inventive approach to everything we do.

People are in search of small, simple things in life which give meaning and a sense of purpose. Seeking a time when life can be made truly simple and uncomplicated. That’s why we wanted to make shopping easy and memorable for you. We are the catalyst by making available shopping solutions as per your needs and choices. Making CamCom, a unique shopping App driven by your choice.

Our Team

What Makes us Click
Umesh Profile Pic
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO
Ex-Wipro Global Business Head, Ex-CEO ANSR Source India.
Ajith Profile Pic
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CMO
Ex-Wipro Global Practice Head, Ex-VP, AugRay.
Pramod Profile Pic
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CTO
Ex-Technical Architect, AugRay.
Ramprasad Profile Pic
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & Technologist
Ex-Chief Technologist AI, Wipro

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